Android TV boxes are rising in popularity, and some remain sceptical. We get asked all the time; 

How do they work? Is the content sustainable? Are they easy to use?

The answer to all of these questions is a big fat YES! Internet TV is here to stay and will only improve in time. Don’t believe us? Just ask the big brands we all know, Apple and Amazon. 

We remember the days of flicking through TV channels, even the words of Bruce Springsteen come to mind, ‘There's 57 channels and nothin on’. But with Smart tv Box, you control the content. You decide what apps, shows and channels you want to see. So say goodbye to endless scrolling!

How easy is it to install?

We get asked this question at Smart TV Box all the time:

‘Do you need a Smart TV?’

Nope! You are good to go as long as you have a HDMI slot on your TV. 

All you need to do is:

  1. Attach the Android TV Box to your TV by HDMI cable
  2. Go to the HDMI setting on your TV
  3. Switch on the box
  4. Go to the settings on the box and connect to the internet by either Wi-Fi or Ethernet.


If you can, connecting your TV box to your router with an Ethernet cable is always best. If this isn’t an option for you, we recommend using Wi-Fi boosters/home plugs. These need to be plugged directly into the wall socket in your home, not into extension leads.

What TV content do you get?


With Smart TV boxes, you have access to great content such as:

  1. Movies.

  2. Box Sets.

  3. Live TV and Sports from all over the world.

  4. Retro TV! All the shows you grew up with.

All on demand, all at the touch of a button. 

Where to Buy

Here at Smart TV Box, we take pride in our selection of products, as we have tried and tested most boxes on the market, and we have gathered the best of the best for our customers. Have a look at our box selection here.

if you don’t see them on our website there’s a good reason. Check out any forum relating to Minix, Zoomtex or Videostrong to see for yourself.