Use your Smart TV box to transport yourself into a worldwide musical and radio experience. Your TV will stream music concerts and playlists into your home, surrounding you with tunes from a diverse international variety of channels.

The latest and most popular channels available at a push of a button, MTV, Boiler Room, Sound Cloud, Vevo to name but a few.

Looking for a particular Artist, just use the search options from Xunitytalk Music and you will find practically everything that Artist recorded.

Having a party the Smart TV Box will play your itunes, Spotify and Grooveshark accounts through your TV for everyone to enjoy, just set the playlist and mingle with your guests.

You will get Radio stations from all over the world, imagine you are have a New York moment, well just tune in to the many New York City Radio stations and bring the city vibe a little closer to you.

You are able to choose from channels that play Rock, Metal, Classical Jazz, Alternative and Pop, to name only a very few of the selection of channels available to you. Experience the feeling you get at a live music concert by your favourite artist or band, by turning up the volume and dancing around your room. Let yourself go in the vibration of the musical vibes being streamed free from your Smart TV box via your own television.

Just think all of this musical entertainment free from your Smart TV box. Allow yourself quality speedy streaming of channels directly to your own TV. Indulge your senses in fine music.

Smart TV Box, one of the best buys you will make this year.