A Smart TV Box is the new way to enjoy your favourite entertainment like movies and TV shows. With our dedicated hardware and apps, control your content and choose from countless hours of entertainment.



Get Around

As an Android device, the Smart TV Box is made for easy navigation and a lean interface, to get you watching sooner.

Get all the benefits of Android with a Smart TV Box


Get the best streaming apps for Android

Don't Worry, Be Appy

We handpick and preload only the most popular apps to help you see more and enjoy better



App Stores

Every SmartTVBox.ie product includes the Google Play Store, to download the most popular Android apps. Also included is the Smart TV App Store, putting all the best streaming apps in one place

The SmartTVBox App Store works side by side with the Google Play Store


Enjoy Celtic Kodi, our custom build of Kodi, the popular XBMC-spinoff

Celtic Kodi

Our Smart TV Boxes include our custom build of Kodi, with hand-picked add-ons to ensure the best streaming experience. Updated in-store by us and shared with you, just read our newsletter emails for update instructions



Hard Wearing, Hardware

At Smart TV Box, we only sell quality hardware from reputable factories, to stream whatever you throw at it and keep on going. Our boxes always have at least 2GB RAM, and come with 8GB, 16GB or 32GB storage, giving you the capacity to go further and watch more