Best Smart TV Box after sales support wants to support all our customers long after purchase. Unlike other box sellers who can sell a box without offering on-going support, we want our customers to have a great entertainment experience with their smart box. This includes making sure apps, add-ons and firmware is always up to date.


Keep the best streaming apps up to date with Smart TV Apps. With Smart TV Box App Store, our users can find all our pre-loaded apps in one safe place to easily update or download their favourite players.

SmartTV Apps


Celtic Kodi

Keep Celtic Kodi up to date with the Celtic Wizard. With our custom version of Kodi, Celtic Kodi, our customers will always find their Kodi filled with great video and music add-ons, curated, selected and loaded in-store by us. Our build is updated every 4-6 weeks and uploaded to our server for our users to instantly update their Celtic Kodi easily at home. Receive our update instructions by signing up for our email newsletter, or watch the instructions on YouTube.


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We’re happy to offer technical support on the phone, email and in-store.
Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or drop into 36A, Parnell St, Waterford to find out how we can update an old Smart Box.
Bought a box elsewhere and looking for an update? We’ll be happy to update your box’s apps or give it a complete overhaul.