Before you buy an Android TV Box: Cost versus Quality

In our last blog we talked about buying a box from the right sources. In this post, we’ll discuss the costs versus quality of Smart TV Boxes.

The cost of a box

Now it would be simple if you could compare apples to apples but we recommend weighing up everything before any decision is made. 

Facebook and local ads are awash with €50, €60 and €70 boxes, they will work for a time but are heartbreakers, poor build quality, usual faults are power supply, HDMI connections or Wi-Fi cards, they also tend to overheat.

And always remember if you do buy directly from China or America, Customs are far from stupid: ask any employee working in the postal sorting offices and they will tell you the usual fee is €25 for any package no matter where it comes from outside of the EU and the supposed value.

Reading this article you might think we are biased against other box manufactures or box sellers, but that is far from the truth. In fact we are extremely truthful and call it as it is, we at would challenge any seller who would say different.

Of course we are going to talk up our boxes but that is because they are great boxes with excellent build quality. Check out any forum relating to Minix, Zoomtex or Videostrong to see for yourself.

We have tested more or less all the leading Android boxes that are on the market and if you don’t see them on our website there’s a good reason.