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The word is spreading about Android TV Boxes, versatile Android devices that are the next evolution in home entertainment. While many people have happily jumped in and transformed their TV and movie experience, many remain on the fence or are otherwise convinced an Android TV Box isn’t for them. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. 

Fears mainly arise from the belief that one will not succeed, but at www.SmartTVBox.ie we are adamant anyone can use this new technology and reap the benefits. In this blog we’ll look at the five most-common fears surrounding AndroidTV Boxes, and adopting new technology in general. If you or anyone in your life has considered getting a Android TV Box but have held off in fear of poor results, read on. We hope you’ll come away convinced and confident in the performance of these devices, and in the user’s abilites.

Many people fear investing in the wrong area and paying a long-term consequence for this investment. It’s a matter of risk versus reward, but we can assure you purchasing an Android TV Box is very little risk for many long-term rewards.

The only investment for our customers is some time and money. A small amount of time must be dedicated to learning their way around the box, which some people find too daunting a task. There are no strict lessons required and this time is invested as they enjoy content through many of the easy-to-use apps. We believe this is a consequence of a fear of the unknown, and if they were to give the android box a chance, they would find it to be a very familiar interface and a very convenient way to watch TV and movies.

The financial investment is, at most, €185 which comprises the cost of our best-selling Android Box as well as an air mouse (RRP €40). Some of our customers pay over one hundred euro a month for their television service, and don’t get sufficient value at this price. If a household were to replace this costly service with the once-off payment of an android tv box, the box’s cost can be balanced against their new monthly savings. With our 30-day guarantee, an unsatisfied customer has a month to return their purchase and be completely reimbursed, further lessening the risk of a bad investment. In the case of the Minix U1, the Minix manufacturer warranty further protects consumers from losing out.

Speaking of treacherous investments, cheaper boxes such as an MXQ are commonly sold for €30-50 but leave owners out of pocket in the long term. Inferior technology, outdated links and users often being left without after-sales support means their fifty euro has gone to waste once their box stops reliably streaming. As the adage of “buy cheap, buy twice” goes, their entertainment is cut short thanks to counterfeit technology and a lack of support.


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SmartTVBox.ie after-sales support, 30-day guarantee, Minix warranty

A common comment we hear from our customers is that they consider themselves technologically illiterate, or would avoid tinkering with their android box for fear of doing it damage. Many new users are reluctant to adopt new technology as they fear they won’t sufficiently learn how to use it to maximise its potential, but at SmartTVBox.ie, we encourage everyone to try this product as it is set to disrupt the field of home entertainment in a huge way.

The Android TV Box is easier to get your head around than you may first suspect. With an interface almost identical to any Android smartphone or Android Tablet, navigation is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. Every app arranges their own updates, and offer clear instructions to the user on how to update.

After a short time using the Smart Box it will feel like second nature. Many of our customers are from a different generation, yet have taken to these devices like a fish to water.

At SmartTVBox.ie, we do our best to take the hard work out of streaming with an Android smart box. All our boxes are tested before they are sent for delivery or shelved for retail. We also support our users by email, phone and in-store, for any queries that may arise. On our website, we have a dedicated “Learn section”, not only to share update instructions with our users but also to encourage people to discover more about their android box.

We want to help you every step of the way and unlike other box-sellers, we love to hear back from our customers.

Many of our customers call on us when making a transition from traditional television service providers to the freedom and choice of an Android TV box. Early adopters are wary of abandoning traditional media, but the truth is it simplifies the equation. No contract, no more bills, no paying for channels you won’t watch, and no advertisements to interrupt the entertainment. It’s movies and TV on your terms.

Unlike swapping TV providers, there’s no waiting around to switch to an Android TV Box. The power is in your hands, just plug and play!

As mentioned above, many people experience a lack of after-sales support with their Android TV Boxes. Whether they bought them from eBay or from someone local, they often have no contact or resources to fall back on if they encounter any difficulties. Getting to grips with new technology can be challenging in its own right, but this is compounded by a lack of information, user instructions or advice from an authority on the technology.

A common issue for users after purchasing is the longevity of their device through firmware updates. At SmartTVBox.ie, we help keep everybody informed and up to date with firmware updates, when needed. We know an out-of-date box is of no use to anyone, and work to keep our customers streaming longer.

We aim to relieve our customers’ anxieties by offering after-sales support by phone, email and in-store. We continually produce instructions in video form for our Learn section, supporting our customers by helping them support themselves. Every week we send a newsletter to reach out to our community, letting them know about updates and developments at www.SmartTVBox.ie.

Our goal is to have no individual feel anxious when adopting this disruptive technology, as they can enjoy their Android Box confident that www.SmartTVBox.ie will support them long after purchasing.

One issue plaguing Android Box sales is the anonymous nature of many sellers. Browsing adverts.ie, many products are eBay-bought, Chinese clones offered by individuals, not shops, for collection only, and give the customer no opportunity to try before they buy. This word-of-mouth, street-corner merchandising damages the reputation of legitimate, quality products such as our Android Boxes. Expect to pay cash, with no receipt or consumer rights once you have paid up. Once firmware becomes outdated, you may find it a challenge to have it updated by the seller.

When establishing ourselves as a reputable business, we knew it was vital to provide our customers with a sense of security, and to leave them with no qualms when enjoying their Android Box.

Our customers are in safe hands with online payment secured and Verified by Visa

With our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, our customers feel safe in the knowledge that they can get a refund if desired, even after several weeks with their Smart Box. With a 12-Month Manufacturer’s Warranty on Minix products, buying a quality product offers even more security than before.

Our physical presence in Waterford helps customers know we are a safe, reputable place to buy their Android Box. We have roots in our community and stand behind our product.

When updating your apps through the Google Play App Store, you are connecting to a secure back-end, and don’t have to visit any questionable websites to get the .APK. All your apps are kept up to date, minimising frustrations and wasted time.