Smart Doorbells, what are they and how do they work?

What is A Smart Doorbell

Simply put when someone calls to your door and rings the bell you can answer your door no matter where you are in the world, your phone will ring just like a regular mobile phone call, you can see who is at your door, have a conversation with them there and then using the two way audio built into the doorbell and on top of that have a video recording saved to your phone for future reference, how cool is that.

Check Out Who Comes to Your Door

So you are in charge, whoever rings it may be a family member, friend or neighbour calling to say hello, a courier service with your recent online purchase or someone dodgy checking out your home, no matter what the scenario you are in control, tell the family member, friend or neighbour that you are out and will catch up later, the courier service where to leave the package safely or the dodgy person you are busy working from home and you cannot answer the door.

A key feature of the Smart Doorbell is you will have a recording saved to the app on your phone which you can share with the share link provided, so dodgy person beware the link can be forward to the Garda.

We hear so much about random burglaries but also organised burglaries, a house fitted with Smart Doorbells and Cameras will be a big deterrent, the burglar may move on to the next house but if not you will get notified when activated, you will have a video clip to send to the guards, for older family members while they may not be up to speed on the working of a Smart Doorbell you will be able to keep track on who is calling to them.


Easy Installation


Throughout our dealings with Smart TV Boxes we meet many people who class themselves as Technophobes, our oldest customer is 88 years old and it is always a pleasure when he calls in because he will have discovered something new about the box and is delighted to share, so what we will say about fitting the doorbell is Yes it is very easy and you will be up and running in minutes.

Just download the Free “We Home” App from either the Apple or Android App Store, then make sure the phone is connected to your home broadband and not your mobile broadband, open the “We Home” App, click on the app setting, scan the barcode at the back of the Smart Doorbell, after about 30 seconds the phone will connect to the doorbell, that is it, just fit the doorbell outside, plug the chimeinto an electrical socketand you are up and running. The Smart Doorbell can be shared with other family members, all they need to do is download the “We Home” once downloaded they only need to click on the app settings, go to device sharing, scan the barcode from your phone and they are up and running, no need to remove the doorbell if it is already fitted. 


What Doorbell to Choose

We stock two Smart Doorbells from Linkwil and both work in a similar manner.

The M8 will record only when someone rings the doorbell, this model may be better suited to a house that is close to a footpath as you do not want motion detection, why ? because everyone passing will cause a motion and your phone notifications will go nuts.

The M6 Mini does have motion detection so would be more suited to a house with a driveway, the doorbell has a range of 10 metres and will record someone approaching your house, even if they do not press the doorbell.

Both doorbells have two way audio so you will be able to chat to the person, with regards motion detection you can choose the level of sensitivity so for example you can set it that a family pet will not trigger the motion sensor on the doorbell but someone taller will.

Once attached to your house the doorbell will need charging from time to time, to charge all you need to do is remove a tiny screw with an allen key, remove the doorbell from the doorbell bracket, charge the smart doorbell like you would your mobile phone, once charged just click back on to the bracket and tighten with an allen key.

Some other key features are:


No wiring Needed

Tamper Alarm

1P65 Waterproof

Dual Motion Sensor

Night Vision Supported

No monthly Bill for Cloud Video Storage


What we supply with Smart Doorbells:

Smart Doorbell with set up instructions


16GB Micro SD Card

Please note the M8 Smart Doorbell comes with an internal 8GB SD Card.