Smart Security Cameras, what are they and how do they work?

What is A Smart Camera?

Having a Smart Security Camera can be a huge deterrent against burglars or unwanted intruders, no matter where you are you will receive a message that a motion detection was set off at your home.

Check Out Who Comes to Your Door

The Smart Security Camera can be installed both inside or outside your home, they are IP65 waterproof and can be installed in minutes, no wiring needed.

On holidays, away for the weekend or just gone off shopping for a few hours the Smart Security Camera can make you secure in the knowledge that your home is OK, you can view live feeds while on the go from your phone just to be reassured all is good.

For inside use you can turn off the motion detection while you are in your house, then going out simply go to the “We Home” app on your phone and turn on the motion detection, also within the “We Home” app you can have a Low, Medium or High motion detection, what this means is if you have a pet wandering around your house the pet will not trigger off the motion detection while you are out.

Another area where the camera can be used is if you have elderly parents of family members living on their own, while you would want for them to have their privacy the camera could be placed in a corridor, if by chance you did not see a motion by a certain time in the morning you could then check out why.


Easy Installation


The Smart Security Camera is simple to fit and can be installed in minutes, no wiring needed, the camera runs on batteries, the camera can be moved if you feel where it is placed first in not suitable, so how easy is it to install, first download the “We Home” app from either the Apple or Goggle (Android) app store, make sure your phone is connected to your home broadband, open the “We Home” app, scan the bar code on the back of the camera, after about 30 seconds you will be connected, insert the 16GB Micro SD Card into the camera (we supply 16GB Micro SD Card), to connect another family memberall they need to do is scan the bar code saved on your phone, no need to take down the camera after fitting if they are not around at the start.

Fit the camera bracket to the wall, once fitted you pop the camera to the magnetic ball on the bracket and move to correct position, the camera has a groove at the back of the camera for the magnetic ball to sit. The magnetic ball is very clever and extremely strong so no need to worry about wind blowing it out of position, to change the batteries all you need to do is pull the camera from the magnetic ball, pop new batteries in and place back on magnetic ball, less than a minute.

Obviously when fitting outside you will install out of a person reach but you don’t have to install too high, the camera is designed to let you know when something is happening with, with a video clip of that motion that’s detected.

We recommend using good quality batteries not cheap pound shop batteries, if you are going to spend some time outside in your garden just turn the motion detection off from the app, otherwise you will keep triggering the sensor every time you pass the camera.





Both doorbells have two way audio so you will be able to chat to the person, with regards motion
detection you can choose the level of sensitivity so for example you can set it that a family pet will
not trigger the motion sensor on the doorbell but someone taller will.
Once attached to your house the doorbell will need charging from time to time, to charge all you
need to do is remove a tiny screw with an allen key, remove the doorbell from the doorbell bracket,
charge the smart doorbell like you would your mobile phone, once charged just click back on to the
bracket and tighten with an allen key.

Some other key features are:

No Wiring Needed

Two Way Audio

IP65 Waterproof

Dual Motion Sensor

Night Vision Supported

No Monthly Bill for Cloud Video Storage


What we supply with Smart Doorbells:

Smart Doorbell with set up instructions

16GB Micro SD Card