The Pros and Cons of Buying an MXQ Android TV Box

I named this article the pros and cons of buying an MXQ Android TV Box, but after spending about 15 minutes thinking of the pros I really cannot come up with one good reason. You could say price but really that is only a false economy: as the saying goes “buy cheap buy twice”. 

Although we don’t sell the box no one could say we have no experience of the MXQ as we see them every day in our retail shop, brought in by frustrated customers looking for help. We know the MXQ box inside out, believe me we do and to be honest we would not inflict the public with such a substandard box even if it is a genuine model (rarely), as there are many cloned models on sale.

For anyone just thinking of buying their first Smart TV Box it can be very confusing so let us help put the record straight.

You could be lucky in getting a box that will still work after a few months, but when I say work I mean it will switch on. How it will stream is another thing.

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So let’s talk about the specifications of the MXQ box:

Central processing unit (CPU)

The MXQ runs the Amlogic S805 Quad Core, personally when I hear the Amlogic S805 CPU I immediately picture a snail because it is that slow.

Graphics processing unit (GPU)

Inside the MXQ is the Quad Core ARM Mali-450. It also has only 1GB RAM which is not enough, you need 2 GB RAM to run an Android TV Box- just Google it if you think not.

It has an internal Wi-Fi antenna which is not ideal and Wi-Fi capabilities of only 2.4 GHz.

I recently saw an advertisement in our local newspaper for the MXQ, and on visiting the website for the box the guys are advertising the MXQ with 2GB RAM and 16GB Memory. This is totally impossible as there is no MXQ with those specifications so be warned check who you are buying from.

In short with an MXQ you are buying old technology, more and more movies are now available in 1080p quality and the MXQ is just not up to the job of displaying these. It will stutter and skip frames regularly, bringing down your enjoyment of a film or show.

We are not knocking other box sellers, we are knocking substandard boxes. We welcome competition in the marketplace and can compete with anyone on a like for like basis, yet the simple fact is unless the box seller deals directly with the factories and not middle men or agents, their products like the MXQ can easily be a cloned box. Middle men or agents will state that they have factories and they produce the box but they don’t. We see it every day with the emails we receive from these sellers in China.

We at pride ourselves at calling it as it is; the above article is no different.

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